iPhone App Review: Candy Wrapper Origami

Candy Wrapper Origami is a simple iPhone app that gives animated instructions for turning sweet wrappers into origami models.

It has 12 different models to follow, selectable animation speed, and even a simple sliding blocks game.

The skills range of the models is on the simple side, so it’s a good choice for children or beginners. Most of the brands featured are hard to find outside the US, but local alternatives should be available.

Candy Wrapper – available now from the App Store for $1.99 (US)/£1.19 (UK).

Disclaimer: I was given a free review copy by the creators.



#1 Christina on 06.08.10 at 6:23 am

This makes me want an Iphone even more! I am totally guilty of folding candy wrapper cranes during class :P Lovely find!

I featured your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award! http://www.umeorigami.com/blog/2010/6/7/versatile-blogger-award.html

#2 paper kawaii on 11.30.10 at 12:41 am

I have a few origami apps, not this one, I like Robert Lang’s hummingbird on his one.
Thanks X